Traveling Exhibit

” Are You the Forest King?” Transformed into a Traveling Exhibit                                                          

Museo Pambata Foundation joined the world in celebrating Earth Day 2000 with the Philippine Rainforest Traveling Exhibit featuring Penelope Reyes’ story “Are You the Forest King?” It has travelled to 12 provinces in the Philippines and currently resides at Lasalle Bacolod University environmental center as part of its permanent exhibition.

This exhibit raised awareness about the rainforests and how to protect and preserve them. Since its’ launching on May 20, 2000, over 150,000 children from all over the Philippines have experienced the Forest King story using this dynamic and interactive approach.

The exhibition is an interplay between fantasy and reality as it opens-up like a big children’s storybook. The verses of the story are strategically placed depending on the section presented in the exhibition. Visitors can literally walk through the story! Large print photographs of forest trees and landscapes, invaluable information about the state of Philippine Rainforests, chirping sounds of birds, crickets, swaying leaves and branches, and larger-than-life animal models-all create a forest ambience inviting one to trek down the path to self discovery.