Pressed Flower Art


Art plate 1: a page from “The Best Christmas Tree” children’s book.


The art of pressed flowers have been around for millennia.  From the victorian times until the present, the beauty of nature has been showcased in this dried form and has inspired people all over the world.

Flowers are picked at their driest and are then pressed between sheets of paper for approximately three weeks. Then,the flowers can be used in different art expressions.

My love affair with this art was inspired by my grandmother Ebeng. I distinctly remember how, as a child of seven, I would lovingly gaze at my grandmother’s pressed flower pictures and listen to the timeless stories about how she pressed grasses and caught butterflies in her beautiful garden in Cavite for her collages. I often wondered how the vibrancy of the colors and the fine details of the plants were retained. Sadly though, her Parkinson’s disease and old age made it quite impossible for me to learn it firsthand. I was deeply inspired about how she so delicately preserved the flowers to last for years and I told myself that when the right time arrives, I too shall press flowers.

Several years hence, the language of flowers have found their expression in my life thru this genre.  May you be inspired as I was many years ago, as I share my art with you.

– Penelope Reyes