Core Values

Do these values inspire you?

  • Our word is Gold. Staying true to our word helps us to be honest and respectful towards each other and enables us to walk our talk.
  • We respect and honour our agreements. This helps us to build trust with one another.
  • Openness and communication are important. They forge strong friendships and are integral elements of our daily life. We practice inclusive decision-making.
  • Diversity is uniqueness. We celebrate it in all its forms – in nature, people, and spirituality.
  • We take time to listen to and connect with nature – after all, we are nature.
  • We celebrate art in life and consider work as love made visible in forms of creation and self-expression.
  • We are a learning partnership. We learn by doing and experimenting. We gain insights from our successes and failures.
  • We value a healthy environment. Clean water, soil, air, and food are essential elements of balance in nature.
  • We prioritise food, water, and energy self-reliance and aim to share the surplus.
  • We value time and treat it as a precious resource. Planning together and honouring our commitment is a regular part of our life.
  • We encourage positive thinking and intent and see difficulties as challenges rather than as problems.
  • There is a right time and place for everything. Creating order and flow manifests harmony. We strive to live a balanced life by devoting time for self, family, community, work, leisure, learning, nature and spiritual practice.
  • We are not in a hurry – we take time to infuse our actions with care, joy, and mindfulness. This adds beauty to all that is around us.