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Are You the Forest King?” is a story about a young boy’s search for the great ruler of the forest. With every step that he takes, he discovers how living things become part of the web of life. He soon finds out that when one part of this web is destroyed, all the other parts are also damaged. This story also talks about our Earth as a wounded land, and how our oneness and love can heal and restore it.
  As he makes his journey deep into the forest, the boy discovers the real forest king along the way. The Forest King then shares with him his wisdom of the ages, seeds of love and kindness, and a great secret that was kept all these years but can now be told to all the people of the world!





Environmental Communication Award, November 2003 

“Are You the Forest King? garnered the prestigious Environmental Communication Award conferred by the European Nature Heritage Fund (Euronatur) and the Bellagio Forum for Sustainable Development for the Institutions and Initiatives category for the pioneering work of this children’s book in effectively communicating sustainable development concerns and engaging children into concrete action. The award patron was the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Philippine Rainforest Traveling Exhibit

The story ” Are You the Forest King?” became the main theme for the Philippine Rainforest Traveling Exhibit of the Museo Pambata Children’s Museum. Since its’ launching on May 20, 2000, over 150,000 children from all over the Philippines have experienced the Forest King story using this dynamic and interactive approach to education. This exhibit raised awareness about forests and how to protect and preserve them.


Watch the Video Animation:

English Version:

This video animation was produced in 2001 and was used as an environmental education tool to raise awareness in children about the importance of planting native species of trees.  Royalties from the published book helped to reforest twenty hectares at  the La Mesa watershed, a critical source of drinking water for the main capital of the Philippines – Metro Manila.

This Portuguese cartoon version was launched in April 2018 as a contribution to environmental awareness for the conservation of native forests in Portugal.





The Best Christmas Tree”  is a story that attempts to answer the question on what makes a tree a Christmas tree. A little girl searches for the answer. The book’s message invites us to look beyond the ornaments and sparkling lights in order to reveal what truly lies within — a humbling lesson on discovering the value of nature, acknowledging its abundance and gifts, and embracing the beauty that this new awareness brings.


It has been the author’s aspiration to translate and publish these two books into different languages.  For any interest to support the artist in these projects, you can reach Penelope Reyes at