About the Artist

Penelope Reyes is a mixed media artist who works with pressed flowers, plants, and other natural materials. She uses her art as a catalyst for Earth care.

She was born in Manila, Philippines in 1968. Her passion for this organic art form and consequently for nature, was inspired by her grandmother Ebeng Lupisan Osorio-an avid gardener and pressed flower craftswoman during her earlier years. After ten years from the time of her grandmother’s passing, Penelope inherited her grandmothers’ flower press and tools as a gift from her aunt.

Since 1995, she has creatively engaged in experimentations in this genre. Her work has been expressed in various forms – from visual art, children’s book illustration, artist books and installation art.

Her book “Are You the Forest King? garnered the prestigious Environmental Communication Award conferred by the European Nature Heritage Fund (Euronatur) and the Bellagio Forum for Sustainable Development for the Institutions and Initiatives category for the pioneering work of this children’s book in effectively communicating sustainable development concerns and engaging children into concrete action.

Penelope is now based at Dauin, Negros Oriental Philippines where she is exploring new expressions of her art.